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Planner Pads Organizer App


The Planner Pad Organizer App is truly unique planning tool that will help you better manage the multiple demands of a busy life. Gather your ideas, to-dos, priorities and appointments all in one place. Your planning data is safe, secure and accessible, keeping you organized and productive from wherever you are. With over 40 years of experience, Planner Pads, Co. has been helping people get organized by working smarter, faster and adding an hour of productivity guaranteed.***PLANNER PAD ORGANIZER APP REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION***
Step 1: Go to on your desktop or laptop computer and click “subscribe now” and follow the onscreen directions to create your account
Step 2: Download from the play store and start using the product
Why it WorksThe Planner Pad Organizer App works like a funnel. It starts with the big picture and moves down to the most necessary activities. Let's focus on the three steps in the digital funnel.
1. CategorizeThe "Categorize" screen replaces your to-do lists and sticky notes. This is the “Project Warehouse” where you organize all business and personal activities into custom categories.2. PrioritizeThe "Prioritize" screen is your daily activity plan. Funnel down and prioritize activities from your custom categories that need to be completed. Assign specific days for action.
3. ScheduleOn the “Schedule” screen, you'll create your daily appointment book. Schedule time to work on items from Prioritize section and get things done.
Additional FeaturesTo support the Planner Pad organizer funnel methodology, the following features are available to you to better manage all aspects of your busy life, from personal to business, including:
- 3-month View: a quick reference calendar to look at dates and holidays in the current month, the previous month, and the upcoming month.
- Contacts: house your key contacts that you regularly contact through your daily activities. Sync up your contact lists from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo.
- Calendar: view and browse through your calendar at a week's view, a month's view and a year's view.
- Notes: keep a running list of notes that have been associated with your activities, daily things to do, and appointments.
- Expenses: track the name, date, and amount of your expenses for future reference.
- Mileage: track the date, name and mileage used for future reference.
The Planner Pad Organizer App is available for all your computers, phones, tablets, and on the web! Find your planning data anywhere you’ve installed the app.
The Planner Pad Organizer App is free to download but requires a subscription to use:
- $49 regular annual subscription
Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card. Your subscription will not automatically renew, but Planner Pads offers multiple options for renewal. Manage your subscription and renewal options in Settings panel after purchase.
Planner Pads website: http://www.plannerpads.comPlanner Pads support: